Oh hi there. I'm Emma. I'm a lot of things... 20-something, from Bragg Creek, Alberta, Canada, in love with the mountains and with Japan. I do a lot of things; I cook, I bake, I take photos, I teach English, I market online businesses, I (try) to speak Japanese, and I like futons. 

Here's a little timeline of how things came to be: 

- I was homeschooled for 11 years on my parent's countryside acreage, before graduating from 'normal' public high school in 2013. There was a massive river flood in southern Alberta the week I was supposed to graduate, and all of the final exams were cancelled (including my math and chemistry ones!) 

- After graduating I decided to work and then go to New Zealand, with the intention of eventually enrolling at UBC Vancouver (with vague considerations of studying either Environmental Design or Psychology).

- On my first day in New Zealand I met a boy, who I then decided to go to Australia and Japan with.

- In October 2014 I moved to Japan permanently. I still haven't gone to university, although I did 1 year of Japanese Language School before starting to teach English and explore my passion for food and photography more. 

- I went vegan in July 2015, out of a desire to live a more balanced, fulfilling, and compassionate lifestyle. At the time I was recovering from anxiety, depression, and an eating disorder which had affected my entire life for the preceding four years. I had become interested in a plant-based diet after moving to Japan and incidentally learning more about the animal food industry both here and world-wide. After a few months of transitioning to fewer animal products in my diet, I realized very clearly that my physical, mental, and emotional health had vastly improved. I also discovered that I had a creative passion for food and health, which soon became channeled into Creature's Kitchen. 

It's evolved a lot over the time since then, and I'm still figuring out exactly what it means. All I know is that I love cooking, I love how light and colour play on things, I love under-stated simplicity, I love Japan, and I love sharing ideas on living with authentic expression and nourishment. I hope you find something here that inspires you, and that I can help you with a project or dream you'd like to see realized.

In love and light,